Abandoned Storage Lockers – Everything sells. . .

Just about everything you come across inside an abandoned storage unit is a potential money-maker. Some units are gold mines while others you have to squeeze out every dollar you can to turn a profit. It’s a lot easier than you think but it does take some initiative. I’ve got an eBay store if youContinue reading “Abandoned Storage Lockers – Everything sells. . .”

Mystery Shopping 101

I’m asked frequently about my hobby of mystery shopping so I put together some pointers that I have no problem sharing.  Unfortunately, due to the competitive nature of mystery shopping, many shoppers keep things tight to the vest and don’t share anything at all.  I don’t really worry about competition for two main reasons.  The first reason is most folks will glanceContinue reading “Mystery Shopping 101”

The ibotta app – it really pays!

Just about everyone has a smartphone these days. If you want to pick up some cash on things you’re already buying, ibotta is a must have. There’s some other similar apps out there and we’ll discuss them later. You can “Double Dip” some times if there are some items that pop-up on numerous apps. ButContinue reading “The ibotta app – it really pays!”