Had time to conduct a quick Mystery Shop today at a nearby grocery store chain. I used a coupon for a FREE tube of Colgate toothpaste and ended up paying $18.73 after tax for the items pictured. The MSC (Mystery Shopping Company) reimburses me $14.00. Then, I used the ibotta app to claim $7.08 in cash since most of these items qualified. To top it off, I was able to get a $5.00 additional ibotta bonus! That’s right, I paid $18.73 for these items, get $14 of it back from the MSC and $12.08 cash back on my ibotta app. That means when all is said and done, I was PAID $7.35 to take these 10 items home! Now, Get Off That A$$

Published by John

My wife & I travel quite a bit. Both for work and for play. Everywhere we go, we look for places the enhance our hobby of mystery shopping. In fact, a few years ago our other hobby of buying abandoned storage lockers was lucrative enough to send us to the Big Island of Hawaii for a week! While there, we conducted a mystery shop at Ruths' Chris Steakhouse. We were reimbursed over $200! That's a pair of Benjamins we didn't have to budget for during our vacation. We hope to compile other money saving opportunities we've enjoyed on this blog.

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